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Profiles: Ambi 67

Ambika Lewis“Lovin’ me is complicated.” It’s a Kendrick Lamar line from “Alright,” a song from his sophomore album To Pimp a Butterfly that dropped a few weeks back. The cut’s been on loop here for more than an hour at Ambika “Ambi 67” Lewis’ Brooklyn home studio where the craftsman makes her art, tactful images of broken hearts. They’re shattered pieces of the love muscle that are agonizingly just close enough to be pieced together. So why aren’t they?[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTDUqtzJfHs[/embed]Well, as the song goes, Lewis too is complicated. The New York native is the child of a paranoid schizophrenic mother, which made for a bit of a twisted upbringing—one that still challenges her self-worth, how she receives love, but also has spun her into a search for greater meaning in spirituality thanks to extensive reading of books from Carl Sagan and the like.
Lately Ambi’s been working with razor blades, adding an even deeper meaning to her jigsaw-like “Hearts in Pieces” series. Like most, she’s still figuring it all out—herself and the art that lines her studio walls. But it’s all serving as inspiration for her thoughtful pieces. Sometimes the cure for a busy mind is a creative outlet. Ambika’s found her’s, which is good sign that she’ll be alright.Watch the video above, then visit her Hearts in Pieces website.