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For Students: How to Make Your Skill Level Meet Your Taste Level

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI23U7U2aUYClosing the gap between the work I’m making and the work I aspire to make is something I think about often.Two months ago, I was editing the Ro James piece and was feeling pretty good about it as I was wrapping it up. Because I hated the sound on my Hollywood Hino story, I was geeked that not only did I have a video with decent audio, but I had made something that I’d watch even if I hadn’t made it!I texted my guy Joao, who helped me shoot the footage, and told him just that. Check out his response below.Joao TextSo I find the clip and watch it. On my Tumblr, Convertible Drop, I wrote about how “Ira Glass just became an inspiration and a gas station to me.” I was crying, like, "Shit, he's talking to me!"  This clip helped that much.When you’re new at something, suck at it and spend a load of time watching others create at a high level, it’s easy to get down on yourself like I did. I needed this dusty, grainy-ass Glass pep talk and I’m so very thankful Joao put me on to it. Ira's message is simple: Keep going. “It takes a while.” Noted.