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Patience, man. Patience. It’s so important. Sometimes—and I stress, only sometimes—I get down on myself about when goals I’ve set for myself will be achieved and materialize. The goal with this HTS endeavor is to tell the stories of creatives while entertaining and/or inspiring my audience. And I’ve been making strides in that way.But like most people, I want to be compensated for my work in ways other than “Sick vid’” tweet replies and Instagram likes with flame emoji-peppered comments. I gotta get paid, y’all. So imagine my delight days ago, when I found out that a particularly huge singer was interested in me shooting them for a piece. And that same day, I left a meeting with another record label that all but assured I’d get worthwhile pay for an upcoming Los Angeles shoot with a newbie rapper. It was a nice to be me that day, walking with head held high, Bart Simpson strut strong.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXtj_SdJMzM[I’m tempted to give this post a sad ending, though it’d both be premature and bad energy to toss without at least some positive nugget to chew along with it. The truth is I’m anxious and nervous about whether the shoots will actually happen. I have too much experience as a traditional entertainment journalist to be the giddy kid that has no clue plans can be cancelled and act like anything is for sure until it’s in the can.  That said...]I’m currently sitting on a series of emails that have been shot into my inbox since that oh, so hopeful day. The big singer cannot confirm the weekend shoot yet, but they “want to do it,” his management writes. “Maybe next week.” And the LA shoot that was all but certain based on the meeting has been postponed. The concert it revolves around has been delayed a bit. But “I will keep you posted,” their publicist says.Both of the plot twists have an air of hope to them. Both suggest, “Not now, but soon.” Everybody’s spokesperson is being sweet, reassuring even. So it’s all a sign of things to come. I am on the right path. Days like this require patience and confidence. The former is what I wrestle hardest with. But the thing about patience is that its options are simple: Wait or Quit. And since I don’t quit (ever), I’ll wait.My day will arrive. Success is welcome, even when it comes later than desired. I’ll be here for it. And you’ll be here to watch. By the way, thanks for your time, eyes and ears. Talk to you again soon.-bw