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Majid Jordan Album Review for Billboard

 Majid Jordan coverDrake's OVO Sound duo Majid Jordan dropped their self-titled debut album recently and I wrote a review of it for Billboard magazine.

"Majid Jordan masters the art of being weary on the dance floor with their self-titled debut album."

That's the first line of it. What I appreciate most about them is their packaging of sad love songs.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqJ-Shv3kEw"Why you wanna be my love?" Majid asks after wondering why a girl all of a sudden wants to be in a relationship with him. Usually these types of lyrics would sit on top of slow, sullen music. But the duo brings these feelings to the club and make it danceable. It's odd, in the sense of Wow, am I crying/contemplating this fucked up situation I'm in with the person I'm dating while I'm partying? It's an awesome ability math those lyrics with that music.I wish Billboard's rating system wasn't out of 5. 10 would be better, so that ratings could be a bit more exact. I would have preferred to give it a 7.5 out of 10, rather than a 3.5/5 for whatever it's worth. I know a C grade is still a C, whether it's a + or -. But wouldn't you want $75 instead of $70 if you had a choice? Just sayin'.Anyway, check out the review and give the album a listen. It's a solid start to what's hopefully a long career for them.