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DJ Khaled: Me Asking Him What the Hell He Does Musically

On Monday producer, hype man, Snapchat legend and all-around good guy DJ Khaled announced that he’s inked a management deal with Jay Z’s Roc Nation. It’s a huge feat, considering that Jay—a clear-cut mogul—is known at this point to only align himself with the best. Coincidentally, Khaled music label is called We the Best. Here's his announcement vid' below.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szc59dAf4dc

What, Exactly, Does DJ Khaled Do?

Khaled’s recent ascent and Monday’s announcement brought a story and interview I did with him for Complex a few years ago to mind. I had the nerve to ask him what the hell he actually does. You see, Khaled isn’t a conventional producer in the sense that he knows how to play instruments, actually produce complex beats, or compose. So when he’d get marquee credit on songs that truly star his buddies (rappers/singers) and had actual producers credited as the creators of whatever the hit is, most of us listeners would wonder aloud: “What did Khaled do?” Aside from yell, of course.So I got him on the phone. He called me from his tour bus (Khaled hates flying) and I proceeded to humbly ask him what role he plays as a “producer,” hoping that his answers would be enough to make me lift the quotation marks from around the word in regards to Khaled being one. And they were. He had good vibes and was actually a great interview. I'm happy for his latest wins.Read that story here. And if you don't, "Congratulations, you played yourself."