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Frank Ocean on Hate, the Orlando Shooter & the other F-Word

Frank's last four Tumblr posts have been short reactions to hate crimes or death (Prince's untimely passing). His latest came this morning, about that tragic shooting at a bar frequented by the LGBT community in Orlando just over a week ago. They are sad words. They are thought-provoking words.http://frankocean.tumblr.com/post/146249813326/i-read-in-the-paper-that-my-brothers-are-beingI appreciate that Frank shares what's on his mind during grim times in the world.As a fan, I hope he's doing well. Understanding that he's had his own issues with his sexuality, a hate crime of that magnitude had to have brought up some bad memories for him. Frank strikes me as a person that feels deeply. And people like that immerse themselves in their own turmoil.All I'm saying is I hope his next post is about something happy. But, really, maybe I should just pray for better gun laws and that more people let love into their hearts so that wild shit like this doesn't happen on the regular anymore. Then we'll have less news like this to report and one of my favorite musicians won't have to Tumblr about gloomy memories of when he first heard the word "faggot."Yeah, that's what I'll do.