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The RZA and I Talk About His New Clothes And Dragons


 When the Bobby Digital’s on the phone, you answer.It’s been a good while since Wu Wear was hot. I’m pretty sure back in the late ’90’s I at least had a Wu hoodie to rep arguably the best rap collective ever. A few weeks ago, famed Wu-Tang Clan producer RZA and business partner Mustafa Shaikh launched 36 Chambers. It’s their new clothing label—this time a “contemporary menswear” as opposed to the “urban” tag from those old WW days.

Wu-Tang Clan's RZA Has a New Clothing Line Based Off Legendary '36 Chambers' Album

What’s cool about the Chambers, which plays on the title of the Clan’s debut album Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), is that it’s current and not simply some grown and sexy (oh, how I despise that phrase) variation of Wu Wear with loud, broad-shouldered blazers or something.They’ve got a souvenir jacket that’s clearly on point with what’s popping in 2016-17 and other pieces that seem fit for the respected pages of fashion pubs and blogs. Honestly, it was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting their stuff to be as cool as it is, kind of like I’d be shocked if Phat Farm returned with new heat and not quilted velour sweaters.I hopped on the phone with RZA and Mustafa to talk about the line and the chat ranged topically from the significance of dragons, which fly on the backs of the souvenir jackets to how Asian culture continues to inspire RZA’s art and way of life.Give it a read.