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Tommy Hilfiger, Models Joan Smalls, Hailey Baldwin & More Talk Music Backstage at L.A. Fashion Show

GigiTommy.jpg It’s kind of crazy that I had to move from New York City to Los Angeles to attend my first proper fashion show. Tommy Hilfiger’s TommyxGigi Spring ’17 outdoor showcase at Venice Beach here in Cali' last week was top notch—from the production to the models to the man himself.joan-smallandyasminwijnaldum For Billboard, I went to the show to cover the vibe behind and in front of the curtains. Backstage, I stopped models like Hailey Baldwin, Joan Smalls and Sara Sampaio to talk about music and why they’re such bigs fans of Hilfiger’s (Fun fact: Joan Smalls loves 6lack's "Free," Baldwin’s a Rihanna stan). Apart from them, I also spoke to with Tommy and his friends Scooter Braun and Kris Jenner, who sat across from me in their front row seats.

Behind the Scenes with Hailey Baldwin, Joan Smalls & Kris Jenner at Tommy Hilfiger's Tommy x Gigi 'Music Fashion Festival'

baldwintommy The feel backstage was pretty chill and relaxed. If anyone was at all nervous, it was well hidden behind dances to Migos and laughter. Hilfiger handled several quickie pre-show interviews like someone confident in the product he was about to put on sale. And the show was flawless. Not one flub. Not one model trip-up. Bohemian dresses. Crop tops. Dope swimwear. All wins.https://www.instagram.com/p/BQSDZARgzPC/Bringing tastes of New York Fashion Week to L.A. is a trend I hope only becomes more popular among the elite couture and ready-to-wear houses. I know Vetements, Rachel Zoe and Rebecca Minkoff bounced to the West Side for their shows this year, too. Los Angeles is slowly becoming a place to be for the fashion world and as someone who won’t be leaving LaLa Land soon, I’m welcoming all fly and chic comers.Check out my Billboard piece here.