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Daddy Issues, But in Space | Brad Pitt in Ad Astra


Every year there's another outer space movie trying to put its hands in my pockets.

Every year I scoff and go, "Another space movie? I'll pass."

Then I see who it stars, watch the trailer, and ease way off my stance. I'm going to see Ad Astra, just like I saw Ryan Gosling's First Man in 2018. It looks good!

In the film Brad's dad Tommy Lee Jones went missing during a space mission years ago. Inspired by his father, Brad also becomes an astronaut and is apparently shocked to find out that pops may still be alive out there with E.T. brewing up something that could end all life on Earth. (It always comes down to the ol' "...or our planet will be lost!" plot-line.)

Brad Pitt and daddy issues in space with a side of possible worldwide doom? Sold! I'll be in the theater this September.