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Flowers From Soft Glas

 late-bloom Here’s an opportunity to be early on someone. Soft Glas just released his Late Bloom album. And it’s gorgeous. I use that descriptor specifically because it’s too thoughtful and developed to use a lighter one.https://soundcloud.com/softglas/sets/latebloom Full disclosure: Joao “Soft Glas” Gonzalez is a buddy of mine. He was the photographer and second shooter for my Ro James docu-short. But trust me when I say a friend could not make me write something positive about their art just because we’re chums. If this album was wack, I would have patted him on the back via text message and said, “Looking forward to the next project!” Thankfully, Late Bloom is good!So I’d love to be your entry point to the world of Soft Glas. Before he’s an indie darling on Pigeons and Planes or Pitchfork. Before Genius annotates all the lyrics to his work.


Below are some thoughts I had as I’ve played this album over the last couple of days. These notes also give you some insight into what I write down and pull from when I’m working on proper articles before they’re turned into cohesive stories/reviews/think pieces/hot takes/whatevers for magazines and publications.

  • The album excels with simplicity. Never sounds overdone/produced. Understated cool. If the music was a person, Bloom would be someone that makes a plain t-shirt and jeans look as cool and chic as possible.
  • Bloom is smooth. Lyrics don’t come often. The grooves do most of the talking.
  • The sounds of human nature?
  • The subtle switch-ups on “Humid"!
  • “Latency” -  Sultry. Some alt-R&B 2016 “Sexual Healing” vibe at the end.
  • “Round” - Chords are sexy. Cool how vocalist slips in halfway through the track.
  • Great baselines all over.
  • Horn play!
  • "Yosemite" - Chargaux killing it on the strings.
  • "Dealing in Hypothetical” - Madison McFerrin with the vocals. THE HORNS. THE HORNS!!!
  • “Come Down” feels like there’s a story to it. Would like to know what inspired it. What scene in his life or a movie it would/does relate to.
  • “Bloom” sounds like a good hug after a bad day.