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Logan, An Old Man Beasting One Last Time

logan-wolverine-scars I’m beyond geeked for this Logan movie. From this trailer, I love that it’ll really zone in on present day Wolverine. I prefer one developed character than umpteen underdeveloped heroes, which is the trap the last X-Men movie fell into by teasing us with appearances from several noteworthy faces without giving them shining moments or backstories.

That SUPER Feeling, X-Men: Apocalypse and Drake

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Div0iP65aZoThere’s a film noir/ Mad Max feel here. From the looks of it, there won’t be any sunny days in this movie. No gloss or sheen of cheer. Hugh Jackman’s final run at Logan is weathered, old and beaten up (they even have miserable-ass Johnny Cash singing in the trailer. A perfect pairing.).https://twitter.com/mang0ld/status/788779216506490880He’s gotten a haircut and the grays have come in bunches. And it will be R-rated, which means violence will reach savage levels.logan-wolverine-claws I CAN’T WAIT! But first, a few questions:

  • Why are his hands trembling? Is he sick?
  • Whose funeral is Logan attending? “Mutants, they’re gone now,” Logan says to Professor X. Reminds me of this scene from the old animated series.
  • Why is he scarred up? Does his healing power not work? Does it work just enough to heal himself, but not get him back to 100% like it used to?
  • Who’s the little girl?
  • Who’s blank face? And does he know Schoolboy?

All answers will come on March 3, 2017 when this flick comes out.